KINGMAKER SESSION 2: October 23, 2015
Faerie Dragons, Kobolds and Little Blue Men



Richard the half-elven wizard 1 and his raven familiar Quoth
Kallum the half-orc ranger 1, and his hafling hireling, Tom Goodfellow
Fenuseugun Szabo, the human druid 1, and her leopard companion
Ulfgar Ironfist, dwarven monk 1
Annabel, human ranger 1
“John Smith”, human ninja 1


Pharast 9, 4710

Party takes down an elk and returns to Oleg’s. They meet Kesten Garess (CN male human fighter 3) and Jhod Kavken (NG male human cleric of Erastil 4). Kesten seeks Falgrim Sneeg. Jhod seeks a lost temple of Erastil guarded by a bear. Sventlana asks the party to retrieve moon radishes so she can make soup for Oleg, and asks the party the be on the lookout for her stolen wedding ring. Kesten pays the party a 40 pp reward from the Swordlords for 6 dead bandits.

Pharast 10, 4710

The party leaves Oleg’s to explore to the west with Jhod hoping to find the lost temple. They camp at the edge of the forest. During the night two forest trolls attack, but the party prevails.

Pharast 11, 4710

The party turns southeast into the Narlmarches forest, and explore along the banks of the Thorn River. They discover the nest of some fey high in the treetops, and encounter a faerie dragon intent on causing mischief.

Pharast 12, 4710

The party heads east and surveys more forest. They chance upon a clearing where 4 kobolds are collecting moon radishes! The party captures the kobolds and demands to be taken to their lair. Moon radishes are collected for Svetlana.

Pharast 13, 4710

During the night, the fey attack and incapacitate the watch, allowing the kobolds to flee to the Kamelands in the southeast. In the morning, the party sets out on horseback tracking the kobolds. The party crosses the hex they previously explored containing the gold mine, and finally apprehend the Kobolds. The kobolds tell the party that while their leader is Chief Sootscales, a new kobold named Tartuk is urging the tribe to come into conflict with the humans of Brevoy. The kobolds say Tartuk can be found under a sycamore tree to the southeast.

Phasast 14, 4710

The party moves southeast across the hilly barrens, and encounter the sycamore tree. The kobolds do not want to enter the tunnels beneath. The party assaults the tunnels, which contain a pathetic, debased form of fey called “mites”. The party kill the mites and their vermin allies, and liberate a captured kobold named Mikmek. Mikmek recovers his tribes holy devil statue, and agrees to lead the party to Chief Sootscales. A map is discovered which gives details of the mite hex and the hex containing the kobold caverns to the southeast.



KINGMAKER SESSION 1: October 16, 2015
Bandito Beat Down!

Roll Call:

Richard the half-elven wizard 1
Kallum the half-orc ranger 1, and his hireling, Tom Goodfellow
Fenuseugun Szabo, the human druid 1, and her leopard companion
Ulfgar Ironfist, dwarven monk 1
Annabel, human ranger 1
“John Smith”, human ninja 1

Prior to the adventure, the party receives a Charter from the Swordlords of Restov (a semi-independent city in southern Brevoy) to explore the wild lands to the south (and suppress banditry therein), dated Calistril 24, 4710.

This adventure session occurs from Calistril 28, 4710 to Pharast 9, 4710 (late winter), i.e. February 28 to March 9, 2010).


The party arrives at Oleg’s Trading Post on Calistril 28, 4710, direct from Restov. They meet the proprietor of the trading post, Oleg Leveton, and his wife Svetlana. The Levetons complain to the party that a gang of bandits is due the next morning to seize their trade goods. The party agrees to help them resist the bandits.

During the night, Kallum, Annabel and Ulfgar ride south and hide in a copse of trees. To endure the freezing elements, the druid Fenuseugun prays to the wild gods to protect Ulfgar and Annbel, but she does not have enough spiritual energy left to grant the ranger Kalum the same boon. The frigid weather takes its toll on the half-orc.

The rest of the party, Richard, Fenuseugun, and the amnesiac “John Smith”, stay at the fort in wait for the bandit’s arrival.

A freezing fog forms in the dark hours, and visibility is reduced to 5 feet. The advance party hiding in the snow hears men on horses moving north, hidden by the fog. Believing these to be the bandits, the trio follows quietly behind.

The brigand Happs BYdon and his five men arrive at the trading post’s gates at first dawn on Pharast 1, 4710. The party has closed the gates. Happs angrily demands that Oleg open the gates or else he will torch the trading post. Oleg shouts abuse at the bandits from the fort’s courtyard.

Kallum rides out of the fog from the south and impales a bandit on his longspear. A vicious melee ensues, and the party is victorious. Five bandits are dead, and Happs is captured. Kallum offers him a choice: submit or be killed. Happs, seeing he has little choice, agrees to assist the party in tracking down the rest of the bandits. He says that the bandits have a camp several days’ ride to the south.

The party binds their wounds and rest for the next two days. During this time, a snow storm deposits even more snow across the bleak landscape.

On the 4th of Pharast the party rides out from Oleg’s Trading Post with their prisoner and spend the day surveying the local 12 mile region.

On the 5th of Pharast, the party moves southeast and surveys the next 12mile region of plains and rolling hill-land. They discover a field of bones and are set upon by a trapdoor spider. Slaying the over-sized vermin, the part discovers the remains of a bandit in the spider’s hole with a treasure map of some sort.

On the 6th of Pharast, the party rides southwest and surveys the next 12 mile area of the region known as the Kamelands (the kames are the mounds that rise from the grassy plain). The party discovers a cave. Ulfgar studies the cave to determine if it is natural or artificial. He is completely stumped; Richard, however, calmly declares that the cave shows evidence of being worked. The party enters the cave and discovers shining ore deposits in the rock. Ulfgar studies the ore but is completely flummoxed as to what metal he is seeing. Richard points out that the ore is gold, and that the cave is an abandoned gold mine. Ulfgar tears at his beard in shame as an elf schools him on mining.

On the 7th of Pharast the party turns west into the forest known as the Narlmarches and begins surveying the area. Happs advises that the bandit camp lies ahead by a stream flowing into the Thorn River.

Kallum declares he has a cunning plan: the ninja Smith and Ulfgar will sneak around the rear of the bandit camp while he rides his horse into the midst of the bandits. The party agrees with the daring scheme. Happs is advised to watch.

When the ninja and dwarf are in position, Kallum spurs his horse towards the bandits. A furious fight ensues. Kallum and Ulfgar are taken down, and the rest of the party save Annabel are wounded. Thanks to the over-confidence of the bandit leader, Kressle, the party prevails (although the worse for wear). Richard executes the bandit survivors, but for Kressle, who is claimed by Kallum. The party laude the efforts of the leopard, who is acknowledged to be the “Most Valuable Player” of the combat.

By the 8th of Pharast the party finished surveying this part of the snowy Narlmarches and recovered somewhat from their wounds. The day is above freezing and the sun begins to melt from of the snow.

On the 9th of Pharast, the party heads back to Oleg’s. At the end of the day, with Oleg’s in sight, the party sees a large elk moving across the plain.



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