KINGMAKER SESSION 2: October 23, 2015

Faerie Dragons, Kobolds and Little Blue Men



Richard the half-elven wizard 1 and his raven familiar Quoth
Kallum the half-orc ranger 1, and his hafling hireling, Tom Goodfellow
Fenuseugun Szabo, the human druid 1, and her leopard companion
Ulfgar Ironfist, dwarven monk 1
Annabel, human ranger 1
“John Smith”, human ninja 1


Pharast 9, 4710

Party takes down an elk and returns to Oleg’s. They meet Kesten Garess (CN male human fighter 3) and Jhod Kavken (NG male human cleric of Erastil 4). Kesten seeks Falgrim Sneeg. Jhod seeks a lost temple of Erastil guarded by a bear. Sventlana asks the party to retrieve moon radishes so she can make soup for Oleg, and asks the party the be on the lookout for her stolen wedding ring. Kesten pays the party a 40 pp reward from the Swordlords for 6 dead bandits.

Pharast 10, 4710

The party leaves Oleg’s to explore to the west with Jhod hoping to find the lost temple. They camp at the edge of the forest. During the night two forest trolls attack, but the party prevails.

Pharast 11, 4710

The party turns southeast into the Narlmarches forest, and explore along the banks of the Thorn River. They discover the nest of some fey high in the treetops, and encounter a faerie dragon intent on causing mischief.

Pharast 12, 4710

The party heads east and surveys more forest. They chance upon a clearing where 4 kobolds are collecting moon radishes! The party captures the kobolds and demands to be taken to their lair. Moon radishes are collected for Svetlana.

Pharast 13, 4710

During the night, the fey attack and incapacitate the watch, allowing the kobolds to flee to the Kamelands in the southeast. In the morning, the party sets out on horseback tracking the kobolds. The party crosses the hex they previously explored containing the gold mine, and finally apprehend the Kobolds. The kobolds tell the party that while their leader is Chief Sootscales, a new kobold named Tartuk is urging the tribe to come into conflict with the humans of Brevoy. The kobolds say Tartuk can be found under a sycamore tree to the southeast.

Phasast 14, 4710

The party moves southeast across the hilly barrens, and encounter the sycamore tree. The kobolds do not want to enter the tunnels beneath. The party assaults the tunnels, which contain a pathetic, debased form of fey called “mites”. The party kill the mites and their vermin allies, and liberate a captured kobold named Mikmek. Mikmek recovers his tribes holy devil statue, and agrees to lead the party to Chief Sootscales. A map is discovered which gives details of the mite hex and the hex containing the kobold caverns to the southeast.




dimonic Trystero

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